Thursday, June 9, 2011

obey the stripes

mom said

Does anyone ever take their own advice?

This week I have given 2 people advice to revive forgotten blogs and yet here mine sits, unattended and vying for attention like a certain orange cat that I know. It's amazing how much mental space something can take up. I think about the blog often. I think about how I don't know what to write, and then I think about how I don't have anything to say (unless a cat juices on my face, and then I'm here to shout from the top of Google mountain), but when does anyone have anything to say*, so why don't I just go ahead and say nothing already?

So here I am. Ready to talk about soup, or not talk about soup, all day. Or at least part of several days a week. Prepare yourself for snippets and tidbits of a not so salacious existence in the big city.

I know what you're thinking. This all sounds so familiar. You read 4 other blogs today that said "I'm going to post more often! I've been so busy!" Well, add another one to the list, but keep checking back because I might just surprise both of us.

*gross generalization intended to sooth insecurity. disregard.

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