Monday, February 28, 2011

a bumpy start

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My first attempt at screen free sundays was a resounding failure. The morning started off well. I chipped away at the epic scientology article from last week's new yorker while I ate breakfast and drank my third attempt at making a hario pour over* without a gram scale. Then I cooked several things for this week's homemade eating crusade, but somewhere in the midst of chopping onions and grinding almonds, charrow suggested we go see black swan before the oscar award ceremony, and it all went downhill from there. I had to fire up the computer to check movie times. Then we sat for 2 hours in front of a screen larger than all the screens in my life combined while natalie portman's skin flashed with the nubbles of her avian transformation.

After we were sufficiently depressed and discombobulated by both the movie and the off-kilter people at the theater, we rode home and gathered our things for a bike ride** to williamsburg for a red-carpet-oscar-viewing-shrimp & grits-cream-puff-extravaganza. What can I say? I'm weak and the oscars don't come around every sunday, so I made plans to watch it with friends. A social fall from grace is better than sitting at home in my house pants overdosing on the A-list.

Measure of success: I didn't check facebook or any other blog or social media type mental gadget the entire day.

Measure of failure: I spent a combined total of 5.5 hours watching television.

*analogous task for those of you that are unfamiliar with a pour over, which is a relatively precise coffee brewing method: trying to thread a needle using your phone as a flashlight on a bumpy bus ride in the dark. It can be done, but it's not pretty

**three cheers for tolerable biking conditions!

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Arthur said...

I'd still call it a success. Trial run, too.
Next Sunday... screens will become a thing of the past. They'll mosey into the same arena as the 8-track and the Dodo bird.

Poor Dodo bird. Poor, poor Dodo.

3.6.11 is coming. sans screens. holla!