Friday, April 16, 2010

second breakfast

(un)majestic diner

Food that pleases me when I've been awake* since 3:30am due to a severe case of insomnia: plain yogurt with sauteed banana and sunflower seeds (this is of course in addition to my required cliff bar/coffee breakfast). It's 8:36am. It feels like lunchtime and I'm out of my regular yogurt, so I had to improvise a second breakfast.

It's not exactly a donut**, but it was still pretty damn good.

* if you haven't already heard it, check out the This American Story about NUMMI. It was great when I listened to it on my commute from queens yesterday AND a second time at 4:45 this morning.
**I plan to tag as many posts as possible with the word "donuts" so that it takes over my tag cloud like a good donut should.


Steve said...

Your blog is looking great with these larger photos! I gotta look into changing my template, but I'm a little scared of what will happen to my older posts...

Cute goopy-eyed kitty!

herding tapeworms said...

thanks! i finally took the plunge and reformatted, but i did the least frightening thing and kept the basic structure.

your pictures are always so great, that i think it would be worth the them off a bit more :)