Friday, January 9, 2009

horsin around with Ira Glass

I'm headed to the horse country of Virginia to spend the weekend playing board games and listening to my friend's dad talk about obscure 1930's movies. There are 4 Vamoose coupons in my pocket (free ride!), a smelly turkey bacon/mozzarella sandwich in my bag (sorry seat neighbor), and this american life podcasts to drool over.

Have a good weekend!


Prof. Mandy Catron said...

JJ-Have you heard the this american life called "pimp anthropology"?? It's the best one I've heard in weeks (which is saying a lot, as I listen to several a week).


herding tapeworms said...

i have not heard it, but i will check it out asap. if i have any self-control, i may save it for a bus trip on friday, but from the sound of it, i might not make it that long!