Saturday, December 13, 2008

Z is for zoloft

I originally intended for today's lead picture to illustrate the fact that we have not stopped moving for the last 3 days, but when I look at it all I can see are the ZZZ's, and it makes me sleepy... so sleepy...

No matter what I try to do ahead of time, the last 2-3 days before moving are always a whirlwind of crap shoveling. Trash, recycling, goodwill, peddling wares to friends, it all takes a certain amount of scrambling and energy, but it's worth it to keep from being those people that leave mounds of perfectly good shit next to (but never in) the dumpster.

The cats are not very happy right now. We stayed up so late that they didn't even muster for their usual 4:30 am feed-me-now-or-i'll-scratch-this-mattress-until-my-claws-come-out ritual. Either that or I'm so tired that I slept through the whole thing.

So in about 5 hours we will having a loading party (which will involve neither poo nor hard drugs) and then we will go out for beer and pizza.

After which, the world will look like so:

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LCAmazing said...

And your neighbor will look like so:


Just remember, no matter how cool your new neighbors will be, they just can't be as awesome as me.