Thursday, October 23, 2008

over the hill and under the platform

Last Wednesday we set out on an 8 day, 7 night extended stay in NYC. Our trip was originally intended for two objectives: charrow's portfolio review and an apartment hunting marathon. Objective number two was abandoned because we have one foot in the door of a great sublet in Park Slope. We're just waiting for the co-op board to finish letting their dogs chew on our application and welcome us with their all-powerful arms so we can nail down at least one of the many unknowns in this move.

Here's a compilation of our activities in the land of diesel jeans traveling at breakneck speeds and labyrinthine train stations:

1 incredible brunch at the farm (chicken apple sausage, home fries, and greens)
2 missed train stops
12 overpriced diet cokes
1 chaperoned trip to the Park Slope Food Co-op
19 poll updates per hour, care of a very dedicated Barry supporter
1 early breakfast at egg (runny scrambled eggs, best toast I've ever had, and hash browns in the shape of an ice cream scoop that were crispy and peppery)
1 walk to Prospect Park
1 trip to the Guggenheim
1 disgruntled charrow after her 8 hour day of schmoozing and portfolio pony show
5 additional bank/credit card/stock statements sent to the co-op board to back up the notarized financial statement in our original submission
2 very patient hosts
1 compost barrel obtained by Ben (and several compost lessons)
3 tablespoons of fresh sage hand picked for Ester's tasty mushroom soup
1 borrowed vest, hat, and scarf that kept me from freezing in the "fall" weather
1 skillfully pulled espresso shot at Joe the Art of Coffee on WaverlyPlace
2 tarot card readings from Madame Bloom
1 hilarious improv show at the UBC
12 minutes whispering in the lobby of Trump tower
1 extremely attentive cat-sitter
2 hours gorging ourselves on spanish tapas and Estrella beer (wine & almond drinks for other parties)
1 trip to Beacon's closet
1 cappuccino from Gorilla Coffee and at least an hour of bench warming out front
1 creaky but surprisingly comfortable air mattress
1 harried scramble to the airport to catch an earlier flight because our original flight was cancelled

(Clearly we were there for too long because the list goes on)

While charrow didn't get hired on the spot and we came no closer to discovering the fate of our living situation, I'm going to label the trip a success. This is not to say there weren't bouts of anxiety. New York is a huge shock to the system after spending 2 sluggish years in the south, and I'm still floundering on the job front, but I'll save that discussion for another post. For now, I'll say I'm 85% excited, 13% fiscally anxious, and 2% in dire need of a shower.


LCAmazing said...

"1 extremely attentive cat-sitter"

That's me!!

Also, it's definitely a pet peeve of mine when people are so generous about calling that shit "fall weather." That implies I will be comfortable and NOT in need of additional layers like you were.

And what's the deal with cancelled flights? I don't fly all that much, so the first time it happened to me was last January, and it's frightening! And weird.

elsabelle said...

This ranks in the top of All Time Fav JJ Postings. I loved the list!

ester said...

you forgot 20,000 episodes of Mad Men! also poland. you forgot poland.

Steve said...

If it's any consolation, everyone in New York is fiscally anxious. (Except maybe Bloomberg.) So eventually that will just fade into the background noise and you won't even notice it.

Congrats on having a foot in the door on that sublet. Having a place to land will make you feel much better.

I love Beacon's Closet!