Tuesday, May 6, 2008

politically challenged

I am shamefully uninformed when it comes to politics. Whenever anything related to our nation's governing enterprise comes up in conversation or in print, I immediately switch into preservation mode. Visions of rotting sugar plums infiltrate the learning centers of my brain preventing all political information from entering the cognition zone. Part of my budding non-avoidance campaign is to read all election related articles in the New Yorker. It's hard not to skim, but at the very least I can latch onto the often biting commentary that peppers the New Yorker's election coverage.

I'm currently skimming reading the April 28 issue, and I think I've finally found a medium that will woo my frontal lobe into submission. There's a short piece about the Philadelphia debate that features an illustration by Steve Brodner. Brodner's color palette and illustration style are engaging, and there's no mistaking the message in any of his pieces. I need this sort of stalwart transparency to grasp political concepts. Save your fancy words for the cerebral teens of Juno. Give me George Bush on a trusty steed that bears the face of the 41st president, and I can begin to understand.

(let it be known that I am aware of the narrowness of my political reading, but it's a step in the right direction)

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