Thursday, March 6, 2008

judgement free zone

I would like to propose a new exercise concept: Yoga for the Flatulent Prone.

The practice of yoga requires a certain command of the human body. You twist (or wrench, depending on your skill level and inability to accept your limits) into complicated positions that you have to sustain while remembering to use your Dirga. How can you pursue your highest nature and focus on self-discovery when you're preoccupied with last night's mexican casserole? Wouldn't you like to be swathed in a cocoon of acceptance and feel confident that you will not be judged for your gastrointestinal distress?

Now, I haven't fleshed out the logistics (i.e. ventilation systems and marketing strategies), but there could be an untapped niche here. I can think of several legume-heavy dieters that would be grateful for the opportunity to relax and ease their way into a Pavanamuktasana.

(the sculpture is a perfume bottle design by coffeeshopgirl)

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