Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mr. tea to the rescue

Don't be fooled my friends. this is the face of a junk food junkie. he drools for the likes of ice cream, peanut butter, pringles, cream cheese, cheetos, and popcorn. let's ignore the fact that i know this because i, too, consume this list of mostly ill advised snacks (peanut butter doesn't count). his discerning palate won't accept those fat free or sugar free imposters. no, it's only the good stuff for the cat with the freakish metabolism and the overactive salivary glands.

luckily he also doubles as a lap warmer because it's approximately 60 degrees in my apartment right now. i'd probably be more comfortable if i lived on the street and fueled a bonfire with the $192 spent on heating this place last month. okay, maybe not, but it feels like i may as well have thrown the money into a backyard blaze. so instead of letting the heat run constantly and STILL having to layer up and drink an unending stream of hot tea, we've turned it off. maybe this way we can afford to experiment with new flavors in our tea arsenal.

take that Infinite Energy.


Steve said...

Well, look at it this way...a cold apartment is a good excuse to stay in bed! (And yes, a cat does help. :) )

elsabelle said...

Our bill was $182. And I'm wearing gloves as I type this. Bonfire blaze to be scheduled soon.