Thursday, September 20, 2007

bobbing for acorns

it's only fitting that my last post has a picture of me wiped out, whereas this post should have a picture of me squinting at the computer with a fat cat perched on the arm of the sofa (if anyone was awake to capture the moment). wait, that's not quite right. a fat cat spilling over the arm of the sofa would be a more accurate description. either way, i can't sleep and neither can the squirrels inhabiting the "upstairs." they must have tapped into their winter stores because the ceiling is creaking like there's a family of walruses up there instead of a few slap happy nut-stashers. the upshot is i've caught up on my flickr maintenance (2 new sets from the latest beach trip). the downward spiral is looking like a mole carrying enough baggage to fly to Texas tomorrow morning.

perhaps i could just bike to Texas on my new set of wheels... after i get a new bike seat that is, because today's ride to the Emory pool was a tad bit uncomfortable in places that require more comfort.

[insomnia = scattered train of thought]

in the last month of highway driving, i've seen 2 pig trucks, one chicken truck, and a dead cow chained to a flatbed. both pig trucks were spotted somewhere in the middle of south carolina on I-20, which brings me to another point about the palmetto state: there's no water in the soda fountains at gas stations. there are thirsty cheapskates in this world that just want to drink free water as they're forced to watch innocent animals being carted off to their deaths. the strangest and somehow least disturbing sight (probably because of its oddity) was watching the limbs of the dead cow bob up and down as the tow truck exited the highway (somewhere in NC).

smart move to talk about dead animal stories when you can't sleep. i think that's my cue to move on to plan B:


The Ninny said...

i looked at your pictures. your mom has a nice canal.

Steve said...

Hey - just found your blog. Thanks for the link! Love the cat! Also, I hope you started "Kavalier & Clay," because it's an EXCELLENT book...better than insomnia, certainly. :)